Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Rural Water Service

Introduction / Background

Rural Water Services Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvey Water, formed in 2004 to supply non-     potable water to non-shareholders, typically on lots of less than 5ha.

A Rural Water Service (RWS) replaces what was previously known as a By-Law 11. With the introduction of the piped irrigation water system in Waroona and Harvey, new non-shareholders and existing By-Law 11 customers wanting a stock and garden supply may have the option to become a RWS customer. 

Click here to download the RWS Customer Service Charter

Click here to download the RWS 2017-18 Charges
Click here to download the RWS 'ON TAP' Newsletter


Rural Water Services forms are now available online, please select the form required and print. Once the form has been completed in full, please return to Rural Water Services by email, post or fax for processing.

Forms for Existing Customers:

Change Customer Details Form - Use this form if you would like to change your address, phone or fax numbers.

Pensioner/Senior Form - Use this form to receive a pensioner/senior discount on RWS services.

Lease Agreement Form - Use this form if there is a lease agreement on a property that has a water entitlement. It is to ascertain whether the lessee or registered proprietor is responsible for the fixed charges and consumption charged relating to the property.

Forms for Prospective Customers:

Application Form - This form is used to apply for a non - shareholding supply, known as a Rural Water Service (RWS). The service is a 50mm supply point, intended for stock & garden use only. At this time, the service is only available for Harvey and Waroona areas.

For a 'Conditions of Connection' information pack, please contact the Harvey Water office on 9729 0100.

Forms for Settlement Agents:

Account Enquiry Form - Use this form in the event that a property has been sold and has a Rural Water Service supply point.